Registration Procedure



Step 1: Pay

  1. Registration Fees: Refer this link:
  2. Payment Details: Refer this link:

Step 2: Register

  1. Registration Form: Download this form from link:
  2. Copyright Form: Refer this link:
  3. Camera Ready Paper: Download Word/Latex templates from link: Word / LaTex

Step 3: Scan

  1. Scan duly signed registration form(Generate .pdf document)
  2. Scan duly signed copyright form(Generate .pdf document)

Step 4: Mail

  1. List of Attachments:
    1. Camera Ready Paper
    2. Scanned Registration Form
    3. Scanned Copyright Form
  2. Subject of email should be “Final Submission PaperID”. For example:  Final Submission 156
  3. Attach scanned copies of duly signed registration form, copyright form with camera ready paper and send email with attachments along with transaction id to